Titanium Ice Jaguar and Tanks

• In partnership with Universal Pictures’ upcoming film, Fast & Furious 8, Castrol EDGE has created its most extreme Titanium Trial ever: TITANIUM ICE
• Michelle Rodriguez challenges her legendary stunt driver, Debbie Evans, to compete in a unique mixed reality world against a series of obstacles inspired by Fast & Furious 8
• Fast & Furious 8 arrives in theatres in April 2017

Johannesburg, South Africa, 24 March 2017 – In partnership with Universal Pictures’ Fast & Furious 8, Castrol EDGE has created its most ambitious and radical performance driving challenge to date: TITANIUM ICE. Castrol EDGE’s short Titanium Trial film has been released ahead of the theatrical release of Fast & Furious 8 in April 2017. The challenge offers Fast & Furious fans an exclusive taste of the stunning action from the newest chapter in one of the most popular and enduring motion-picture serials of all time.

In a world-first stunt staged in the wild, icy landscape of the Yukon in Canada, star Michelle Rodriguez challenges her legendary stunt driver, Debbie Evans, and Evans’ impressive Jaguar F-TYPE 5.0 Supercharged V8 R AWD — with the strength of Castrol EDGE—to compete against a mixed-reality army of military tanks, nuclear submarines, helicopters, missiles, explosions and shattering ice. 

Pushing the limits of mixed reality, Castrol EDGE worked with experts from production studio UNIT9 to develop a bespoke headset, which blends computer-generated images with live action to create one of the most intense driving experiences imaginable. The subzero Titanium Trial involves an epic mixed-reality world coming to life through the stunt driver’s visor as she pilots the powerful Jaguar on one of the most perilous locations on the planet.

Describing her experience behind the wheel, Fast & Furious stunt driver Debbie Evans said:
“Driving in mixed reality has to be one of the toughest challenges I’ve ever faced. Using Castrol EDGE gives you the confidence to push yourself and your car to the extreme. It gave me the boost needed to navigate my way through the perilous course.”

Evans relied solely on instinct and confidence in the performance of her vehicle, powered by Castrol EDGE boosted with TITANIUM FST™, to negotiate the icy terrain and mixed-reality obstacles, to push the boundaries like never before in Titanium Trial history and achieve the ideal point of woman and machine in perfect sync.

Vivek Rampal, Global Marketing Director, Cars & Bikes at Castrol said of the partnership:
“We’re extremely proud to be partnering with Fast & Furious, the iconic and world-renowned film franchise, on Universal’s brand new film. Since 2014 the Castrol EDGE Titanium Trials films have pushed the boundaries of human and driving performance, working with pioneering technologists and some of the world’s most acclaimed drivers. Inspired by Fast & Furious 8,, we have taken it to a new level and TITANIUM ICE is our biggest, bravest, and most daring Titanium Trial to date. We’re sure that TITANIUM ICE will really excite our audiences around the world who love cars and enjoy driving, ahead of the film’s launch in April.”

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