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South African life expectancy increases but HIV, road injuries, and violence take a deadly toll

Annual Global Burden of Disease study – world’s largest scientific collaboration on population health — reveals new trends in illnesses, deaths, and risk factors leading to poor health  SEATTLE 15 September 2017 – Life expectancy is growing in South Africa but the country continues to struggle with communicable diseases like HIV, as well as road […]

04. Dr Vaidya - B - CROPPED

US foreign and trade policy developments risk for SA economy

Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University (NMMU) Business School today hosted a panel discussion with US and South African economists in academia to unpack the impact of recent developments in foreign, trade and economic policy. The discussion comes at a critical point when anti-trade, protectionist and anti-globalisation movements and rhetoric continue to shape the global politico-economic landscape. […]

Mapule Wanjau - HR Director Diageo SA

Cookie cutter HR gets its marching orders

Policy-governed human resources management is a relic of the past. Today, it’s almost impossible to have profitability without HR policies and practices that work with people to help them realise their own career growth ambitions says Mapula Wanjau, Human Resources Director at Diageo South Africa. Our people are our most important asset. It’s a harried […]

Take your love of good food on holiday to Mauritius

Mauritius is a delicious destination. It’s foodie heaven. This tiny little Indian Ocean island paradise is a fragrant pressure cooker of the cuisines of many nations that have had a hand in its history, its culture and its heritage. While the island’s dining is most easily (by those with little imagination) described as ‘Creole’, it’s […]