Media Training

An essential skill for any of our clients is the ability to deal with the media. To help you do so we offer media training that is regarded as the best-of breed in South Africa.

Our training is done by senior Meropa staff, including former attorney Grace Belger. Grace has been training for Meropa for over six years and has conducted over 60 training sessions for private and public companies, both local and international.

We understand the media and corporate agendas of organisations. We provide a unique case-study based approach to media training, issue management and presentation skills using real-life incidents from South African and international media interviews.

Meropa’s media training products include highly interactive, enjoyable modules and simulations which cover:

  • the media landscape – who owns what, who is the biggest and most important media you will deal with;
  • how the media work and what will help make you positively newsworthy;
  • engaging with the media – practical, reputation-enhancing techniques pre-interview, during interview and post-interview, illustrated with real-life case studies;
  • core messaging – the most important item in your communication toolkit, and how to back up your core messages with proof points/reasons to believe them;
  • the satisfy-and-steer technique and other transitioning skills to introduce your core messages;
  • 15 types of difficult questions that you could encounter in a media interview, and techniques to effectively address them; and
  • simulated on-camera and remote telephone interviews.