Public Relations

A Definition of PR used after 
US President Thomas Jefferson said that in a democracy
 everything “depends on
 the consent of the governed”.

We offer planned, proactive public relations campaigns. They change opinions about our clients, deliver breakthrough communications and are cost effective and measureable.

We use the most-experienced people, highly systemised work routines and our national and regional African infrastructure to give our clients public relations strategies aligned to achieving their objectives.

“Public Relations
 is the business of engineering consent.”Edward Bernays

Our experienced team includes strategists; communications professionals and writers. We have experience in:

  • communications strategy development;
  • corporate communications;
  • brand communications;
  • consumer PR and influencer marketing;
  • consumer activations;
  • healthcare communications;
  • online reputation management including search engine optimisation, social media audits, training and content development;
  • new media;
  • community relations management;
  • internal & employee communications;
  • industrial relations;
  • financial and business communications;
  • investor relations;
  • environmental communications;
  • public sector communications;
  • lobbying;
  • political communication and networking;
  • industry-specific public relations;
  • events;
  • publications;
  • advertising;
  • media buying;
  • brand building;
  • communication audits;
  • communication measurement;
  • corporate identity;
  • corporate social investment;
  • custom publishing;
  • development communication;
  • government liaison;
  • media & presentation training;
  • media releases;
  • reputation and issue management;
  • research;
  • roadshows, presentations, conferences and special events;
  • publication design;
  • speech writing;
  • sponsorship;
  • strategic analysis of clients’ industries and competitive positioning; and
  • video production.

We are expert in all aspects of media relations and social and digital media, as well as issues and crisis management and all forms of media training.

Our approach is systemised, disciplined and tried-and-tested. 
It delivers a prioritised implementation plan that is based on careful analysis of each audience; the media and other interventions required to bring about change. Our communications campaigns are directed, effective and measurable and are predicated on our proprietary Meropa Way method.